The Affordable Way to Rent a Mailbox in Point Cook

The Affordable Way to Rent a Mailbox in Point Cook

Boost Your Business With a Prestigious Street Address.

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Better than putting your company address down as a “P.O. Box”

A P.O. Box number as a business address will turn off many clients. But what if your professional location was in a prestigious central area of town?

Competitive rates for companies and individuals

As well as small businesses and internet entrepreneurs, our mailboxes in Point Cook are rented by private individuals. We offer a selection of handy packages.

No limit on courier services accepted. All packages signed for.

Which courier are you expecting to receive mail from? UPS, DHL, FedEx, Toll, Australian Air Express? We’ll take and sign for mail you’re getting delivered by any carrier.

Tell us to let you know when your packages have arrived.

Set up electronic notifications by SMS, phone, or email. You won’t need to keep checking whether or not your mail has arrived. You can also set up mail forwarding!

A facility that’s always secure

Your private mailbox in our Point Cook Business Centre will be protected and secure around the clock.

What Do Others Use Our Mailbox Services in Point Cook?

They’re great for making your business address suitable for online listings. And ideal if you commute a lot, or are often away travelling. A mail box will give you:

  • A big increase in customer confidence. A real street address in the city centre looks much better than a suburb on business listings.
  • Services that are easy to set up. We only ask for fair ID documents. You won’t need to search for ages to find an extra form of identification.
  • Find out when you’ve had a delivery by setting up convenient electronic notification system
  • Save money by choosing the package that’s right for you. Our private mailbox services in Point Cook scale to suit your needs.

What’s more, while you’re in to collect your post, it’s easy to forward mail. To print off a reply, or whole new marketing campaign. To package an item to return to sender…

You’ll find your local Business Centre is staffed by friendly digital specialists who can be counted on for advice with any printing and courier services you might need. So why not pop in today?